• Dime Accounting

    We are an accounting firm that focuses on the day to day financial management for your organization. We literally become your accounting department.

  • Dime Legal

    From start-up to sale or merger, and everything in-between, we literally become your go-to general legal counsel. We tailor all of our documents, contracts and filings so they are clear, easy to understand and avoid annoying and useless legal jargon.

  • Dime Tax

    Dime Tax is a CPA firm focusing specifically on tax filing and tax planning, with the goal of no surprises.

  • Dime Payroll

    Dime Payroll helps you manage your payroll, people and benefits from anywhere, so you can spend more time growing your business.

  • Dime Insurance

    Insurance is complicated, especially business insurance. We don’t complicate things, we know what you need to ensure you’re covered and we have the best companies and partners to ensure that you don’t over pay.